Jida is about sharing a love of good food. We partner with retailers, caterers, restaurants and other culinary artists to bring premium Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavours to your creations.

Whether you’re a small health food store or a large restaurant chain, Jida offers the most authentic, highest quality spices and products that your customers will love. If you’re as passionate as we are, get in touch with us at sales@jidakitchen.com. We look forward to working with you!

Wholesale/trade customers FAQs

  • I’m looking to become a trade customer, who do I contact?

    Great! Simply email sales@jidakitchen.com with the following information and we’ll aim to get back to you within 24 hours.

    • Name
    • Business
    • Type of business
    • Contact telephone number
    • Email address
    • Postcode
  • Where can I See your wholesale pricing?

    Just send us an email and we’ll send you our wholesale pricing directly. We offer competitive pricing for our wholesale and trade customers so you don’t have to compromise on quality or price.

  • Do you charge for delivery?

    Not usually. We deliver to the UK free of charge. If you’re ordering from elsewhere let us know—we’ll customise a quote for you.

  • What’s your minimum order for trade customers?

    Usually, it’s £500. But we’re a flexible bunch. If you’re a regular customer, we can come to an agreement.

  • Do you export?

    Yes—and we know our way around customs requirements. A love of good food knows no borders!

  • I need ingredients on a larger scale for manufacturing.

    We work with partners big and small so whatever your needs, get in touch with us at sales@jidakitchen.com and we’ll tailor a solution for you.